design options

There are a lot of design options to choose from for your ironwork project. Safety, functionality, building codes, and what it will be attached to (metal is heavy!) also need to be considered. Whatever design you go with, your project will be built to last. Here are some of the design options available to you.

keeping it simple

Clean, simple and elegant is the Blackbird signature style.  Less ornamentation also helps to keep the cost down.

Flat Top Bar

Sticking with standard flat bar or rectangular tubing gives your design a simple elegant look.

Modern End

Squared off endings without ornamentation looks modern and keeps down the cost.

D Ring

The D ring is a more traditional ending for your railing, without additional ornamentation.

premium design features

Additional ornamentation and curved railings, especially pitched curves, will cost more.

Molded Top Cap Example

Molded Top Cap

Molded top cap looks and feels great and must be carefully applied.

Forged Scroll Finial Example

Forged Finials

Scrolls or lambs tongue finials are classic details that require careful forging and attaching.


Welding and finishing ornamentation takes additional time and attention.

Curved Rail

A pitched curved railing like this takes two onsite visits and gets partially built on site to get it to fit just right.

Modern Home Guardrails for Main Stairs - from bottom - Kirkland, WA

Wood Top Cap

We can prep your railing for wood top cap, to be applied by your contractor.

Specialty Projects

Specialty designs take careful engineering and expert fabrication.


We recommend powder-coating for most of our projects. This is our most durable low-maintenance finish. Sand-blasted, primed, top-coated, then cured in an oven to achieve a smooth consistence coating 

Other options include paint and bare metal.

These guys are phenomenal. Amazing customer service and beautiful custom railings. Blackbird Iron & Design gave me suggestions about how we could get creative on the fabrication and pricing, were honest about where we couldn’t change the price, and we were able to make it work. I’m very happy with the whole process and highly recommend them. – Grace (Google review)

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